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About Paddleball

One wall paddleball is an American ball game and is popular in New York, Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Puerto Rico or wherever the weather permits outdoor play that is played against a single wall using a paddle and a small rubber ball (similar to handball).  This game is played singles or doubles.  The ball must hit the wall without touching the court floor more than once.  Paddles are made of graphite and titanium and balls are black, blue, and green. 

Four wall paddleball is popular in the upper Midwest, particularly in Michigan and Wisconsin, and on the West Coast, particularly in Southern California and in Memphis Tennessee.  Four wall paddleball is most similar to handball and racquetball.  This sport is played with a paddle and a small rubber ball on a standard handball or racquetball court.  The rules are similar to these sports.  Paddleball can be played with 2 (singles), 3 (cut throat), or 4 players (doubles).  The official ball is the Penn paddleball, which is an unpressurized black ball with small holes at opposite ends.  This balls is slightly larger and heavier than a racquetball. 

Three wall paddleball is another game using the same kinds of paddles as the other sports but it is played outdoor doors on courts with sidewalls coming back to the service line.



Paddle: Paddleball paddles can be made of wood, graphite, or titanium, although wood paddles are gradually being phased out due to the advantages of modern paddles. They cannot be longer than 18" or wider than  8.25".

Ball: A pressurized rubber ball similar to squash balls.