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Choosing the Correct Racquetball Grip Size

There are two main grip sizes to choose from when selecting a racquetball grip: SS 3 ⅝ and XS 3 ⅞.  This raises the question of which grip size is best for you.  Normally, a smaller grip will allow for faster wrist action, offering the player more power. Also a smaller grip can sometimes help a sore wrist because it is easier to maneuver.  The downside is that without much palm on the handle, the racquet might have a tendency to twist or turn,thus causing a loss of control.  A larger grip permits more of your hand to come into contact with the racquet, generally allowing for more control and a better feel.  Also a slightly larger handle can help with a sore elbow because you don’t have to grip the handle as tightly.  The negative is that there may be a lack of racquet head speed which results in less power.

Finding the best grip size for you is truly a personal preference based on feel, but here are a few general rules to follow. First, some grips are more square (rounded), and others are more rectangular (flatter edged). When gripping the racquet handle, your ring finger should reach around and slightly touch your palm. Second, another common way to find your grip is based on your glove size.  If you wear a larger glove then you might feel more comfortable with a larger grip. Third, try grasping the racquet handle, then close your eyes and swing your wrist back and forth with very little or no arm movement.  Slowly increase your wrist speed but never to full speed, and get a general overall feel as you experiment with the various grip sizes.

As always you can contact us for more help with any questions you may have.